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  1. LeftyProf
    LeftyProf November 5, 2010 at 5:36 pm |

    Great post. It’s amazing just how vindictive the tone of that press release is. How tragically disgraceful that a Jewish organization’s president can so callously disregard the collective punishment of the people of Gaza. Whatever happened to the slogan “Never Again”?!

    1. Olinda
      Olinda June 26, 2012 at 4:42 am |

      Just as others aren’t covcnnied that the IDF did wrong in shelling civilian structures because they believe that Hamas fighters were present Desipis, I’m not covcnnied that proof has been provided that Hamas has used human shields during the current conflict. I think it would probably be possible for someone with a better understanding of military tactics than I to suggest that some Hamas militants located in civilian buildings were trying to defend them, given that the IDF bombed police building for eg, which are designated civilian strucures under international law.The obvious exception to this would be if it is shown that Hamas were present in the UN schools.The very crowded nature of the Gaza strip too I think largely makes a nonsense of the human shields’ bit- aside from gathering in the open or in large obvious concentrations, all the better to be killed, where exactly were they meant to be? I’m sure a similar case could be made that the Jewish resistance, hiding out in houses in the ghetto were also using human shields’.And on the subject of human shields, the IDF has been equally decried for its use of human shields as part of its ongoing operations to locate people of interest’ during more covert operations in Palestinian territory.as to your (b) yes, that’s why they are a designated terrorist organisation. But the rocket attacks are also a separate activity to their on-ground tactics in defence of Gaza, where they bear the dual identity of also being the legitimately elected government and are therefore responsible one presumes for defence in the face of an invasion.

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